About Us

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R.D. Sack


Gemmlab srl is a company in constant growth that finds its distinctive strength in the dynamism and circularity of ideas.
Born in 2007 with the acronym of GEographical Maps Management LABoratory, thanks to the professionalism and highly qualified skills gained in the field of Geomatics, Gemmlab is fully part of the digital economy and digital geography market, with the aim of moving more and more into high the bar of excellence of the services offered.

Our know-how has developed in the world of public and private organizations orienting the business reality towards the customer. In years of continuous
challenges, we have matured professionalism and highly qualified specialist skills in the field of geomatics, using methodologies
analysis to achieve cutting-edge organizational models.

We prepare our customers to deal with change in a simple and effective way before they are forced to change:
in a constantly evolving market it is essential to offer simplicity, knowledge and flexible solutions. The achievement and review of the results are the goal to improve services, meet expectations and anticipate customer needs.

Enthusiasm, experience and ideas are the values ​​that guide us and that we collect every day from a common factor with our customers, in a strongly synergistic and reciprocal growth relationship.

We work with investment, commitment and passion to be a technological partner able to make the difference.



We think that simplification will save the world. Optimizing instead of adding.

Looking for flexible and intuitive solutions to complex structures and insurmountable problems.

Offering a different look at what exists, showing its hidden wealth.

We believe it is possible to do so thanks to commitment, enthusiasm and technology.

And to geography, always our passion.